Extreme Series Y Connectors

Extreme Series Y Connectors




Our EXTREME Series Y Connectors are made with 3 high quality Deans T style plugs (2-male & 1 female) and 5" of high grade 12AWG silicone wire.  Weather you plan to series up 2S, 3S, 4S or 5S packs together, our plug can handle it.

Why introduce the EXTREME Series Y Connectors??  First, I hate soldering batteries together.  Second, it is much easier to change out a pack if they are not soldered together.  Third, I tried a series plug.  It melted together at a contest and cooked my packs.  If you use one, do yourself and your plane a favor and pitch it.  Cut one open and you will see 2 small 16AWG jumpers barely soldered to the tabs.  Check out the picture.